The Sprouts-Plus Mission

To grow high quality food without harming the environment or the ecosystem with as little impact as possible to either and have a sustainable income produced in a sustainable manner. Gardens: the final frontier. To explore strange new plants and grow them to sizes never seen before in ways never done before! To boldly grow where no plant has grown before.

Meet Tim, the Basil Man!

It’s hard for me to remember a time when we did not have a garden large enough to feed the family, friends, and neighbors. I can remember being out in the garden with plants that were taller than I and having trouble lifting cabbage that were bigger around than I could reach. Summer was never boring with acres of hay and cucumbers and fields of sweet corn. Sometimes, when it got really hot we’d sneak off to the cow tank or the local creek for a quick dip. It’s a lot of hard work. The rewards though are far greater knowing that we are eating home grown, chemical free, organic produce. While parts of our garden are used to grow our own food the rest we use to share our love for high quality produce with others.

Sustainable growing has been in my family for generations, from my grandfather, to my father, to myself and even my grandson! We have always had fresh produce at our finger tips, verses the products that have traveled the 1500 miles to get to us and not knowing what else has been added to it along the way.

I’ve been in and around the construction business most of my life being self employed for the bulk of those years. This background made building the green house an interesting challenge, but one I was happy and excited to take on. My father was a chef before he entered the construction industry however his knowledge of food, herbs and spices were passed down to me. I love to go from seed to the table. The combination of fresh produce, herbs and spices are endless.

I enjoy many things in life including spending time with my family, cooking, fixing old Volkswagens, and biking. My real passion though is gardening and this greenhouse, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this our future.

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